Most Americans Believe in Global Warming

Aug 10th, 2012 | Category: World

What do Americans think about global warming? Recent survey results from MPO Research Groups finds that most Americans believe that climate change is happening, though many remain unconcerned. Opinion among those with different political affiliation and ethnicity have different opinions. There was little significant difference in opinion among age

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and education cohorts.


Almost half of all respondents, 48.5%, believe global warming is caused by human activity and are concerned about it. 10.1% also believe that global warming is caused y human activity, but are not concerned about it. 21.2% believe that global warming is happening, but that it is a natural occurrence, and 14.6% of respondents do not believe climate change is happening.


Political affiliation

Democrats are the most concerned political group, with 71.3% believing global warming is caused by human activity and worried about it. Independents follow with 44.1% concerned, then Republicans with 22.8% worried about human activity resulting in climate change.


Republicans are most likely to believe that global warming is caused by human activity while remaining unconcerned about it—14.9% compared to 8.8% of Democrats and 7% of Independents.


Republicans are also the biggest climate change skeptics, with 27.2% not believing in global warming. 19.6% of Independents do not

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believe in global warming, while only 2.3% of Democrats are skeptical.




African Americans are most likely to believe in global warming, with only 6.1% skeptical of it. Compared to 16.5% of Caucasians, 15.8% of Hispanics and 15.4% of Asians.


African and Asian Americans are also the most likely to believe that global warming is caused by human activity (67.3% of African Americans and 69.2% of Asian Americans) and to be concerned about it (55.1% of African Americans and 53.8%of Asian Americans). By comparison, 56.7% of Caucasians and 60.3% of Hispanics believe global warming is caused by human activity, and only 49.3% of Caucasians and 34.2% of Hispanics are worried about it.


Hispanics and Caucasians are also most likely to believe that global warming is a natural occurrence, with 23% and 21.2% respectively. 12.2% of African Americans and 7.7% of Asian Americans feel this way.




In general, different education cohorts reflect opinions on global warming that fell within the margin of error of the national average. Significant differences did arise in several cases, however. Respondents with a post-graduate qualification are the least likely to believe that global warming is naturally occurring (8.8%) and are the most concerned about it (58.8%). Incidentally, the next most educated respondents, those with an undergraduate university education, are the least likely to believe in climate change (19.1%).




Findings are based on a poll of 474 participants in June 2012. The margin of error is 4.5% and at a 95% confidence level.